Health Careers Phoenix 2017-2018

Here's how the school sponsorship works...

Let's say you'd like to sponsor a volleyball game at Carrizo Springs. This is how your business/message gets to the parents:

- We contact the booster club, coaches, and administration letting them know we are available for announcing/DJing their game night. It usually includes JV and varsity, although sometimes there will be a freshman game.

- We publicize through FB Twitter and instagram that we are coming to Carrizo Springs, date, time, and that it's made possible by your business. This makes the booster club, school, other parents and the kids very happy about your business. It also lets other schools know about your business, as we have a reach of tens of thousands of fans.

- On game day, we are at the game providing music and announcing before, during, and after the games, and your business is the reason we were able to come out. If allowed, you can set up a booth at the school; this varies by school. Also, if you have any flyers to give out, you can do that as long as it's okayed by the school.

Now, don't you agree that this is worth the $250 investment? But wait... there's more! (I had to)...

We are going to do a spotlight article on an athlete from that school and post it on our SAsports website. Guess whose business ad will be on that spotlight article?

Pick a school, get in touch... 210-419-1212 or And thanks.
Sat 8/26 Southwest ISD Meet - SWHS - 8:00a
Sst 9/2 New Braunfels Meet - NBHS - 8:00a
Sat 9/9 NEISD Meet 2 - NEISD Sports Park - 8:00a
Sat 9/16 NISD Meet 2 - Gustafson Stadium - 8:00a
Sat 9/23 Judson Meet - NEISD Sports Park - 8:00a
Sat 9/30 Seguin Meet - Starcke Park - 8:00a
Sat 10/14 NISD District Meet - Gustafson Stadium - 8:00a