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The SAsports Magazine - 64-page Spring Edition - Coming May 15, 2017
SAsports is blessed to have some of the best sports photographers in Texas. Contact them if you'd like to have them shoot at your next game or activity.
Boys Soccer: Brandeis vs. Warren
JV Boys Soccer: O'Connor vs. Smithson Valley
Boys Basketball: Smithson Valley vs. New Braunfels
Girls Soccer: Hays vs. Bowie
Girls Soccer: Saint Mary's Hall vs. Lampasas
Girls Soccer: Canyon Lake vs. Burnet
Girls Soccer: Bandera vs. Our Lady of the Hills
Girls Soccer: TMI vs. Veterans Memorial
Girls Soccer: Roosevelt vs. St. Augustine
Girls Soccer: Lee vs. Bowie
Girls Soccer: SAISD Varsity Showcase
Boys Soccer: Harlandale vs. Sam Houston
Boys Soccer: Lanier vs. McCollum
Girls Soccer: San Marcos vs. Waller
Girls Soccer: New Braunfels vs. Atascocita
Football: San Antonio Sports All Star Pt. 1 
Football: San Antonio Sports All-Star Pt. 2 
Football: San Antonio Sports All-Star Pt. 3 
Girls Soccer: Churchill vs. Houston Lamar 
Girls Soccer: NB Canyon vs. Champion 
Girls Soccer: Calallen vs. Smithson Valley 
Girls Basketball: TMI vs. NB Christian 
Girls Soccer: Saint Mary's Hall vs. Boerne Geneva
Girls Basketball: East Central vs. Smithson Valley
Boys Soccer: Saint Mary's Hall vs. John Paul II
Boys Basketball: NB Canyon vs. New Braunfels
Girls Basketball: New Braunfels vs. Lockhart
Girls Basketball: Floresville vs. New Braunfels
Boys Basketball: East Central vs. Southwest
Boys Basketball: Harlandale vs. East Central
Boys Basketball: Eagle Pass vs. Boerne Champion
Boys Basketball: Central Catholic vs. East Central
Girls Basketball: Floresville vs. Boerne Champion
Boys Basketball: Harlandale vs. Lake View
Boys Basketball: Champion vs. Holy Cross
Wrestling: Madison Quad Meet Part 1
Wrestling: Madison Quad Meet Part 2
Boys Basketball: Southside vs. Boerne
Girls Basketball: Warren vs. Holmes
Boys Basketball: Holmes vs. Warren
Girls Basketball: Stevens vs. Jay
Girls Soccer: Holy Cross vs. Boerne Geneva
Girls Basketball: Incarnate Word vs. Eagle Pass Winn
Boys Basketball: Stockdale vs. Poth
Boys Basketball: Seguin vs. New Braunfels
Boys Basketball: Johnson vs. Sam Houston
Boys Basketball: Churchill vs. Johnson
Boys Basketball: Warren vs. Taft
Boys Basketball: Brennan vs. O'Connor
Football: Laredo United vs. Westlake
Football: Antonian vs. Dallas Parish 
Football: Sam Houston vs. Victoria East 
Football: Alamo Heights vs. Austin LBJ 
Football: Judson vs. O'Connor 
Volleyball: Brandeis vs. New Braunfels
Girls Basketball: Wagner vs. O'Connor
Girls Basketball: Stevens vs. Churchill
Girls Basketball: Stevens vs. Churchill Part 2
Volleyball Playoffs: Poth vs. Johnson City
Volleyball Playoffs: Johnson City vs. Stockdale
Football: Holmes vs. Jay
Football: Harlandale vs. McCollum
Football: Edison vs. Jefferson
TAPPS Girls State XC Championships
TAPPS Boys State XC Championships
Volleyball: NB Canyon vs. Brennan
Volleyball: Blanco vs. Karnes City
Football: Sam Houston vs. Jefferson
Football: O'Connor vs. Clark
4A Regional Tennis: Pleasanton vs. Boerne
6A Regional Tennis: Westlake vs. Vandegrift
Volleyball: Antonian vs. Incarnate Word
Football: Bracken Christian vs. Living Rock
Football: Boerne vs. Taylor
Football: Southside vs. McCollum
Football: Wagner vs. New Braunfels
Football: Central Catholic vs. St. Joseph
Football: Holmes vs. Brandeis
Tennis: Hondo Owls at District Meet
Football: O'Connor vs. Jay
Volleyball: Smithson Valley vs. NB Canyon
Volleyball: Eagle Pass Winn vs. Southside
Football: East Central vs. New Braunfels
Football: Canyon Lake vs. Boerne
Football: Brennan vs. Brandeis
Football: Churchill vs. Madison
Football: Stevens vs. O'Connor
Football: Jay vs. Warren
Cross Country: UIW High School Meet
Tennis: O'Connor District Meet
Football: Eagle Pass Winn vs. McCollum
Football: Steele vs. New Braunfels
Football: Eagle Pass vs. South San
Football: Fredericksburg vs. Boerne
Football: Highlands vs. Jefferson
Football: Highlands vs. Jefferson Part 2
Football: Marshall vs. Brandeis
Volleyball: Stevens vs. Holmes
Volleyball: Brennan vs. O'Connor
Cross Country: Comfort XC Meet
Football: Edison vs. Brackenridge
Football: Wimberley vs. Boerne
Football: Taft vs. Brandeis
Football: Taft vs. Brandeis Part 2
Football: Navarro vs. Central Catholic
Volleyball: Clemens vs. New Braunfels
Water Polo: Alamo Cup 
Football: Saint Mary's Hall vs. Holy Cross 
Water Polo: Brandeis vs. 410 Maroon 
Football: Bandera vs. Boerne 
Football: SA Christian vs. Cornerstone 
Football: East Central vs. Smithson Valley 
Football: Memorial vs. Edison 
Football: Taft vs. O'Connor 
Football: Jefferson vs. Burbank 
Football: Clark vs. Brandeis 
Football: NB Canyon vs. New Braunfels 
Football: Brackenridge vs. Sam Houston
Football: Stevens vs. Holmes
Volleyball: Sam Houston vs. Jefferson
Volleyball: Brackenridge vs. Lanier
Volleyball: NB Canyon vs. Steele
Football: Southside vs. Dallas Parish Episcopal
Football: Judson vs. New Braunfels
Football: Medina Valley vs. Boerne Champion
Football: Somerset vs. Boerne 
Pep Rally: La Vernia HS Meet the Bears
Football: O'Connor vs. Johnson
Volleyball: Madison vs. MacArthur
Volleyball: Johnson vs. Churchill
Football: Cotulla vs. Natalia
Football: Sam Houston vs. Memorial
Football: Madison vs. Brandeis
Football: Bracken Christian vs. Giddings State
Football: Lanier vs. Highlands
Football: Harlandale vs. Holmes
JV Football: Alamo Heights vs. Marble Falls
Volleyball: New Braunfels vs. NB Canyon
Volleyball: Natalia vs. Poth
Cross Country: FEAST Boys Meet
Cross Country: FEAST Girls Meet
Cross Country: FEAST Meet Part 3
Football: St. Anthony vs. Cornerstone
Football: Steele vs. O'Connor
Football: Churchill vs. Taft
Football: San Marcos vs. New Braunfels
Football: Eagle Pass vs. Eagle Pass Winn
Football: Southside vs. Beeville Jones
Football: Brandeis vs. Boerne Champion
Football: Johnson vs. Brennan
Football: Burbank vs. Highlands
JV Football: Holy Cross vs. Boerne
9th Football: Holy Cross vs. Boerne
Volleyball: Antonian vs. NB Canyon
Volleyball: Poth vs. Madison
Football: Seguin vs. Clemens
Football: Southwest vs. Jay
Football: Nueces Canyon vs. Bracken Christian
Football: Medina Valley vs. Boerne
Football: McCollum vs. Central Catholic Part 1
Football: Central Catholic vs. McCollum Part 2
Football: Marshall vs. Weslaco
Football: O'Connor vs. Churchill
Football: Boerne Champion vs. Stevens
JV Football: Alamo Heights vs. Brandeis
Football: Roosevelt vs. Clark
Football: Pearsall vs. Memorial
Football: Lee vs. Jefferson
JV Football: New Braunfels vs. Seguin
Volleyball: Seguin vs. Clemens
Volleyball: Reagan vs. New Braunfels
Volleyball: Smithson Valley vs. Boerne Champion
Volleyball: IWHS vs. Johnson
JV Volleyball: Johnson vs. IWHS
Volleyball: Smithson Valley vs. IWHS
Volleyball: Incarnate Word vs. Warren
Volleyball: Smithson Valley vs. Madison
Volleyball: Madison vs. Warren
Cross Country: Comfort XC Meet
Water Polo: Alamo Area Aquatic Association Meet
Football: Johnson vs. Brandeis
Football: Sam Houston vs. Holmes
Football: O'Connor vs. MacArthur
Football: Holmes vs. Sam Houston (Part 2)
Football: TMI vs. Geneva School of Boerne
Football: Del Rio vs. Warren
Football: Alamo Heights vs. New Braunfels
Football: New Braunfels vs. Alamo Heights Part 2
Football: John Jay vs. Harlandale
Football: East Central vs. San Marcos
Football: Central Catholic vs. Kennedy
Football: South San vs. McCollum Part 2
Football: McCollum vs. South San
Football: Clark vs. Churchill
JV Football: Boerne Champion vs. Vets Memorial
JV Football: Boerne vs. Devine
Volleyball: Taft vs. Clark
Volleyball: Brennan vs. Marshall
Volleyball: Steele vs. Antonian
Volleyball: MacArthur vs. NB Canyon
Volleyball: Holmes vs. O'Connor
Tennis: Clark vs. Sharyland Pioneer
Tennis: Clark, Smithson Valley, Sharyland, Cy-Ranch
Volleyball: Johnson City vs. Bracken Christian
Volleyball: Holy Cross vs. Boerne Geneva
Volleyball: Hondo vs. SA Christian
Volleyball: Clemens vs. Poth
Tennis: Judson vs. Brennan
​Volleyball: Southwest vs. Boerne
​Volleyball: Alamo Heights vs. Smithson Valley
Volleyball: Antonian vs. Poth
Volleyball: NB Canyon vs. O'Connor
Volleyball: Edison vs. Uvalde
Volleyball: Holy Cross vs. Boerne Champion
Volleyball: Clemens vs. Canyon Lake
Volleyball: Canyon Lake vs. Liberty Hill
Volleyball: Liberty Hill vs. Clemens
Volleyball: Reagan vs. Brennan
Football: Lee vs. Alamo Heights 7-on-7
Baseball Playoffs: Alamo Heights vs. College Station
Football: Alamo Heights 7-on-7
Baseball Playoffs: Alamo Heights vs. Boerne Champion