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Here's how the school sponsorship works...

Let's say you'd like to sponsor a volleyball game at Carrizo Springs. This is how your business/message gets to the parents:

- We contact the booster club, coaches, and administration letting them know we are available for announcing/DJing their game night. It usually includes JV and varsity, although sometimes there will be a freshman game.

- We publicize through FB Twitter and instagram that we are coming to Carrizo Springs, date, time, and that it's made possible by your business. This makes the booster club, school, other parents and the kids very happy about your business. It also lets other schools know about your business, as we have a reach of tens of thousands of fans.

- On game day, we are at the game providing music and announcing before, during, and after the games, and your business is the reason we were able to come out. If allowed, you can set up a booth at the school; this varies by school. Also, if you have any flyers to give out, you can do that as long as it's okayed by the school.

Now, don't you agree that this is worth the $250 investment? But wait... there's more! (I had to)...

We are going to do a spotlight article on an athlete from that school and post it on our brand new SAsports website, set to be launched in August. Guess whose business ad will be on that spotlight article?

Pick a school, get in touch... 210-419-1212 or And thanks.
Sunday April 30, 1, 3, and 5pm
Cole High School, Fort Sam Houston

Girls 6A & Under, 1:00pm

East Team:

Brittany Rodgers, East Central
Alyssa Adams, Johnson 
Megan Valdez, Johnson
Chantel Govan, Judson
DeNaija Daniels, Madison 
Alexis Torres, MacArthur 
Vanessa Diaz, MacArthur 
Ayleen Carrizales, Roosevelt 
Antoinia Anderson, Steele
Camille Cunningham, Steele 
Audrinque Anthony-Harris, Wagner 
Coach: Triva Corrales, Judson

West Team:
Ashely Hernandez, Brackenridge 
Marissa Andrews, Brandeis 
Kinzie Heineman, Brennan 
Kamille Cooper, Brennan 
Hannah Benac, Boerne 
Vanessa Oyola, Devine 
Maya Knowles, Clark 
Madyson Garcia, Clemens 
Alexis Popham, Clemens
Kiara Pesina, Highlands 
Stephanie Ruiz, Taft 
Tianna Tullis, Taft 
Coach: Kollyn McWhinney, Marion

Sub-6A Boys, 3:00pm

North Team:
London Brown, Cornerstone
Nathan Trevino, Boerne 
Demarkeous Anderson, Nordheim
Azeem William, Fox Tech
J.J. Gomez, Randolph
Alex Chenaille, Randolph
Nathan Payet, Central Catholic
Grant Kellar, Central Catholic
Justin Richardson, Lee Academy
Gregory Bowie, Athlos
Carlos Sandoval, Cole 
Will Schmaneker, Alamo Heights
Coach: Andrew Baker, Cornerstone 

South Team:
Santiago Vasquez, McCollum
Robert Deleon, Somerset
Joshua Pitts, Memorial
Jawon Anderson, Sam Houston
Leontrey Thomas, Sam Houston
Cedric Ward, Seguin
Isaiah Balderas, Brackenridge
Noah Soto, Jefferson
Anthony Freire, Jefferson
Isaiah Vargas, Lanier
Jordan Van Auken, Nixon-Smiley
Treon Fatheree, Nixon-Smiley
Coach: Bryan Penna, Somerset 

6A Boys, 5:00pm

East Roster 
Marquez Hamilton, East Central
Ray’shawn Dotson, Judson
Shelby Adams, Judson
River Reed, Reagan
LaMont Simmons Jr., Reagan
Kolbe Littlefield, Steele
Terry Ellis, Steele 
Spencer Bone, Clemens
Jyael Gervin, Smithson Valley
Tristan Clark, Wagner
Anthony Martinez-Brooks, Wagner
Luke Dowdy, NB Canyon
Parker Gettys, New Braunfels
Coach: Rodney Clark, Wagner

West Roster
Jordan Lopez, South San
Cody Farmer, O’Connor
Isaiah Thorne, Warren
Stanley Umude, Warren
Kelvin Pescadero, Marshall
Kobe Magee, Brandeis
Matthew McCary, Brandeis
Larenz Johnson, Stevens
Christian Martinez, Brennan
Marco Anthony, Holmes
Stephen Molina, Antonian
Jeff Fesperman, Churchill
Coach: Jarvin Hall, Holmes